Boating Accidents

Outdoors shot of young friends sitting in pedal boat. Teenage friends enjoying boating in the lake.

Austin is surrounded by opportunities to get off the beaten path, and the beautiful lakes surrounding the region are perfect for both passionate outdoors enthusiasts and families looking to do something different with their weekends. Kayaking, fishing, and recreational sports are all within a short drive, and offer ideal opportunities to unwind and have fun.

But accidents can happen whether you are driving on I-35 or riding a jet ski along the shores of Lake Travis. With party cruises, distracted boaters, and rentals operated by the inexperienced, an injury-causing accident on the water can turn a wonderful weekend into a nightmare.

It might be difficult to find help after a boating accident. These types of incidents are much less common than car wrecks, and typical law firms likely do not have the experience required to seamlessly obtain your compensation. However, Melendez Law Firm has deep roots in Austin, and recognizes the need for diverse services. We have helped clients following boating accidents, including addressing injuries and repairs to their watercraft. We want to help you move forward — and get back out on the water and doing what you enjoy with confidence.

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