Commercial Vehicle Wrecks

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The interstates running through Austin represent vital veins for commerce and shipping goods in the heart of Texas. But with heavy traffic and fully loaded 18-wheelers, driving can feel like taking your life into your own hands.

Getting into a wreck with a big rig truck can cause much more damage than a regular car crash. Being hit by a 40-ton commercial truck can total a vehicle and leave its occupants with serious wounds that include brain trauma and spinal cord injuries, among other issues. Holding semi-trailer drivers — and the company that employs them — responsible is one of the only ways to make sure you can get on the path of recovery.

Melendez Law Firm is meticulous about investigating commercial vehicle wrecks from every angle. We work hard to find all the pieces of the puzzle to get you help with vehicle repairs, medical bills, ongoing care, and more. Getting in a wreck with a commercial vehicle is traumatic enough. Don’t despair — our team is here for you.

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