Construction Accidents

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The vibrant city of Austin continues to grow. With dozens of new construction projects, new businesses, hotels, hospitals, schools, and housing developments are springing up around the area, offering new amenities for residents and job opportunities for construction workers.

Construction sites can be dangerous places. Oftentimes, there are regulations in place designed to protect workers, but with so much heavy equipment, scaffolding, cranes, and other factors, things can and do go wrong. Crane accidents, collapses, and injuries caused by other contractors are common, and they can cost more than just the trip to the hospital. You might require long-term care, rehabilitation, or other aid that your on-the-job insurance may not cover.

If you are injured on the job, you deserve the compensation it takes to help you get back on your feet — and recover any lost wages. Melendez Law Firm can navigate the confusing tangle of laws and regulations governing construction site injuries. You should not be expected to jump through hoops on the timetable of an insurance company. Our team will help you get justice fast.

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