Product Liability

Stream of dark smoke from the chimney of factory in the industrial district

You should be able to trust the products that you purchase. From groceries that go into the meals you prepare for your family to products like carseats, airbags, and others that are designed to keep them safe, you rely on manufacturers’ expertise — and their word — that

If safety and quality measures are not followed, even a properly prepared dinner could make your family sick. Flaws in carseats purchased to protect your children could put them more at risk. Faulty airbags could do much more harm than good in a car crash. Product recalls are designed to protect consumers, but what if you and your family are already affected by someone else’s negligence?

Melendez Law Firm knows the pain of the worst happening — a product that injures or kills the most vulnerable members of your family, your children. We have the experience in going up against the corporations at fault in these cases. Our team recognizes that there are some situations that could never be made completely right. But by holding manufacturers and suppliers accountable for their errors, we can help ensure that it won’t happen again to another family — and that you can start moving forward.

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